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  1. Eleanor - 6 months | Chicago Baby Photography

    Published on: 2013-04-28
    by bizior

    Say hi to Eleanor, 6 months young happy baby, who we had a chance to photograph few weeks ago in our studio. She was very brave and put a smiley face on throughout entire photoshoot, credit for that goes to parents, family and friends (and of course Kamila) who came over ... read more

  2. Van Bogaert

    Published on: 2012-11-05
    by bizior

    Wow, it's been almost 2 months since I posted anything new... It's not like I don't have anything to post, it's actually the opposite, I've pretty big backlog now :/ but between changing jobs, being promoted at the same time and preparing for a marathon, I didn't have much time to post any pictures on my blog. Work still keeps me busy, but I ran the marathon and at least I don't have to run 30-40 miles a week (just need to run 50 more miles this year to meet my 500mi goal), so in the near future, you should be seeing some new stuff on the blog ... read more

  3. Jessica | Chicago Lifestyle Photography

    Published on: 2012-08-26
    by bizior

    Based on my last couple of posts (and future ones), you might be thinking that my favorite shooting place is Gary, Indiana. Well, you might be right as Gary is indeed quite interesting location. City of Gary, Indiana - where Michael Jackson grew up and home of Jackson 5 is ... read more

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