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The Red Head Amber | Chicago Portrait Photography


I didn’t think that I could post pictures from both: film and digital in the same post, and then I was like ‘what the hell, it might actually work’. We mixed both digital and film in the studio and outdoors. Both natural light and strobes, as I mentioned my Mamiya AFD645 syncs up to 1/125 so it wasn’t a problem

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Shooting FILM


I’m not gonna lie and tell you cliché stories how I got into photography when I was 9 years old, and I picked my film camera. Because I didn’t :) However I do remember when I wasted roll of my fathers 35mm Zenit (I think it was Zenit), thinking that I’m creating something special. And then I was waiting to see the results, and when they showed up – I was, to say it nicely, quite disappointed :)

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