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It’s been 4 years since I’ve watched Super Bowl for the first time, and it was the same two teams playing as today: New England Patriots and New York Giants. 4 years ago, Giants won, I watched it in NYC and the city went nuts after the game. That time, I mostly watched it for the commercials, not quite understood the rules of American Football. This year, I started to watch NFL more and actually got the rules, so I enjoyed both: commercials and the Super Bowl game, and I’ve to tell you – it sucks, because there is not time to go to the restroom and take care of business :/ Only chance you have, if you don’t want to miss either, is right after the half time commercials, but just before the half-time show. OK, anyways, enough talking, commercials were – as usual – outstanding, here are my favorites:

number 8 –, some people probably will say – just another day at work:):


number 7 – honda, those who’s seen Ferris Bueller’s Day Off will enjoy it most:


number 6 – doritos:


number 5 – m&ms:


number 4 – toyota, would love to get that couch:


number 3 –


number 2 – acura:


and aired after the half time, number 1 – chrysler


ooh yeah, by the way, congrats to Giants and Eli Manning, he/they put up a great game, again!:P

thanks for stopping by, and remember: “pictures don’t have to be amazing, but they sure can…”

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