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Personal Project 2/12 | Chicago Portrait Photography


This one will be quick and dirty :) I just want you guys to know that I didn’t give up on photography, and please excuse not posting any exciting pictures recently. I’ve been so busy with other photography stuff, and blogging kinda slipped out. Lots of good things are going on, and they require most of my free time.

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4th of July – new lens and new bikes :)

This year 4th of July was very exciting – not only because I got to try new lens (24 1.4 II) but because we bought two coolest retro bikes! yay!…

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Saturday Breakfast

TweetWhen I was a kid, I used to watch Donald Duck cartoons, and ever since I envied America the pancakes. We have different kind of pancakes in Europe – more like rolled crepes stuffed with jam or cottage cheese. American pancakes are different – more puffy, thick and served with maple syrup – yummmy. When...

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