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Anna | Chicago Fashion Photography


What a way to kick off new 2012 year, right? Great model, gorgeous location and a backdrop, great makeup artist and assistants, what else do you need to have successful photoshoot :) We shot again in Pandora Studios with Jeremy, this time beautiful model Anna. Kamila did the makeup and Anna’s husband was super helpful in selecting outfits and

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Amber in the City | Chicago Fashion Photography


As I wrote in previous post – I wanted to shoot more in Chicago, since it’s such a great city and has so many interesting locations. We scheduled Saturday shoot with Amber, early in the morning – well kinda – around 8.30AM

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Say in Chicago Board of Trade | Chicago Fashion Photography


I think I shoot way less in Chicago than I should, and I’ll try to change that. It might be a little bit too late, since the weather is acting up and we’re almost having fall, but Chicago has so many great locations and it’s so beautiful, I will try to catch up

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