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Vanessa | Chicago Fashion Photography


Me and my photography friends – Jeremy and Rio shot in Pandora’s Studios 2 weeks back, it was an epic shoot. I would have to break the whole thing into 2 or even 3 posts, because I’d like to keep posting pictures and don’t want you guys keep waiting and then post 40 pictures at once :) So here we go, let’s start with Vanessa, she’s very talented and beautiful person

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Pandora Studios | Chicago Commercial and Fashion Photography

Model: Rachel Valentina / UR SuperModels

Having great photographers as friends helps a lot to build your portfolio, that’s for sure. Having great photographers with awesome studio location and great connections helps even more

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Natalia & more

TweetOK, here we go, first post in English. Excited? I’m super-excited, not only because I’m gonna write in English from now on, but because of all amazing things happening around me – you want details – keep on reading. OK, I’m also a lill bit excited because my in-laws are visiting us next week –...

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